Monday, August 15, 2005

So, weekend, boring as hell. Was sick and in bed the entire time, with the exception of work on Saturday morning. I was feeling ok on Friday, tb came over after work and we watched a little Jackass. So stupid, yet funny at the same time. She left around 2 to go and pack, I couldn't fall asleep till around 4. Work at 8:30 and by now I can't breathe because I'm so stuffy and the new doctor takes forever to do her procedures. I should be getting out on saturdays at 1:30, yeah, didn't get out until 4:00. So unnecessary. That's not what I signed up for, but it's extra cash. So went home, cancelled my date (which I don't know if I'm releived about or not yet)dyed my hair because I thought if I was home I had to do something and went to sleep by 6:00. The hair came out horrible and then I slept the whole night away, ignored all my calls except from mb, who I called back. After that I rolled back over and passed out again. Didn't realize how comfy my couch is. My sis, who just happens to be just as ill as I am, woke me up at 9:00. and we were wired the rest of the day. We made breakfast, went to the movie store and then went to get more hair dye to fix the mess that I had made. Then we did some more sleeping and t.v watching. It's amazing, 300 channels and crap to watch. I don't even remember what I watched....I think Coyote Ugly, and then garbage the rest of the time. The day was basically a blur. So, my 'rents are gone and the rest of the family think my sister and I are going to starve or something. We've been offered to go everywhere for dinner for each night this week and my uncle's dropping off chicken cutlets tonight. Nevermind the fact that my mom shops for food like it's nobody's business....the food in my house could feed a small third world country. It's pretty sick. Don't exactly think we'd go hungry even for an hour. Eh, I'm done writing. blah.


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