Monday, September 19, 2005

Hmm, back to the bog for a little quickie....tee hee. So, got a new job, it's not so fun yet and i don't forsee it getting better. I really shouldn't say that with it being only a week in but maybe it's because I know that this isn't what i relly want to be doing with my life. i don't know what i do want to do, but i know that this isn't it. The hours are long the traveling isn't easy and it's not as challenging a position as i though it would be. Eh, guess I'll stick it out for a while and see if it gets any better.

The home front is good, my grandfather is doing better after his sting in the hospital. Stopped smoking and gained some weight. Good stuff, wasn't used to a skinny Pop.

Other stuff is going pretty well too, been spending a lot of time in in jersey. Fun stuff, good times, being a saturday-night owl. Yeah, things are looking up. Eesh, i can almost feel the jinx i'm giving myself.

Quickie's over, that was pretty unsatisfying but i'm tred and going to sleep.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Yuck, back to work. Things ae so crazy here lately that I'm glad I got away for a few days. It was so nice to just go and spend time with people I really get along with. We really didn't do anything spectacular, but we had so much fun. Just telling jokes, goofing off, walking around the boardwalk, and just having an all around good time. Got to know mh better which was nice too. Rooming with someone that you really don't know all that well gives you time to get to know them and I'm glad we got to spend the time with him. He's pretty rockin'. Pg and pgf are glad too....we talked about it and it really is so great that we all get along the way we do. I guess for them it's really nice that their close friends get along, I could see where it could make things awkward in a relationship if your friends aren't very compatible. It gives perfect grounds for conflict which is the suck. Have a freind that's going through something of the sort. I'm sure it's not fun. So glad I don't have those problems.

OK, on to the owrk stuff. The new company is still knocking down walls and such, my office however is still in tact. We'll see ow long that lasts for. My boss is all kinds of pissed at me because I have to do other work instead of catering to his every whimsical need. TFB, I really don't care so much anymore. I cam einto this place making less than I did at my old job, and I stuck with it. I've stuck with it for 2 1/2 years without a pay increase, while gaining more responsibility. More work + no credit for it = Cindo not being a happy girl. Whatever, I have to give the Mgr. of P.O.S. my resume, and we'll see how that pans out. Either I may get a position under her or something in Jersey. Grrr....I can't even catch a 5 minute break. Have this guy here that annoys the crap out of me for his expense check every tuesday...starting to get on my nerves since he basically gets this check for no reason. Yay for free money. Going back to the hell that is work. Lata.

Monday, August 15, 2005

So, weekend, boring as hell. Was sick and in bed the entire time, with the exception of work on Saturday morning. I was feeling ok on Friday, tb came over after work and we watched a little Jackass. So stupid, yet funny at the same time. She left around 2 to go and pack, I couldn't fall asleep till around 4. Work at 8:30 and by now I can't breathe because I'm so stuffy and the new doctor takes forever to do her procedures. I should be getting out on saturdays at 1:30, yeah, didn't get out until 4:00. So unnecessary. That's not what I signed up for, but it's extra cash. So went home, cancelled my date (which I don't know if I'm releived about or not yet)dyed my hair because I thought if I was home I had to do something and went to sleep by 6:00. The hair came out horrible and then I slept the whole night away, ignored all my calls except from mb, who I called back. After that I rolled back over and passed out again. Didn't realize how comfy my couch is. My sis, who just happens to be just as ill as I am, woke me up at 9:00. and we were wired the rest of the day. We made breakfast, went to the movie store and then went to get more hair dye to fix the mess that I had made. Then we did some more sleeping and t.v watching. It's amazing, 300 channels and crap to watch. I don't even remember what I watched....I think Coyote Ugly, and then garbage the rest of the time. The day was basically a blur. So, my 'rents are gone and the rest of the family think my sister and I are going to starve or something. We've been offered to go everywhere for dinner for each night this week and my uncle's dropping off chicken cutlets tonight. Nevermind the fact that my mom shops for food like it's nobody's business....the food in my house could feed a small third world country. It's pretty sick. Don't exactly think we'd go hungry even for an hour. Eh, I'm done writing. blah.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Don't feel well today, think I got a cold from either my sister or a co-worker. Sore throat, stuffy nose, and now i'm getting cold. Not so goodd. Haven't really felt so hot since the food coma the other night but the food was yummy, so I guess it was worth it. Company was fun too. Always have fun with mb & mgb. Picked up mb's bud on the way too, we all ended going back to his house, thought we were going to do some radio work, but we were succumbed to the torture of the food coma, I so could have used something along the lines of the post-thanksgiving nap. Didn't happen though. Hung out with mb for a little bit last night. Talked a little d&d strategy, watched mash and talked about how rockin' it would be to make 150k a year. Yeah, pay off debts, waste a load of it, and then buy a house... good stuff. So happy for him too, just found out about his new job. He's all excited an stuff. It's close to home and more $$, so yay for him. Now I have to work on getting myself in somewhere else. Time to move on.

Anyhoo, saturday night, went out dancing with the girls. B-day girl got a little tipsy, bet she didn't feel like doing nuch on sunday. Convinced tb to come with us instead of taking her own car. It would have been silly since there were only 3 of us. Waste of gas and a toll, so she ws a little groggy for work, it's all good.

Eh, don't feel like writing anymore....need to go home.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Dr.'s appt was gone to with no avail. Stuck me on an atibiotic and sent me on my merry way. So still in pain, walking is not so much fun, and if it still bothers me in a week then I have to go back. Grr, that makes me mad. The only thing I can do is use hot compresses, take some advil and deal with it.