Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Don't feel well today, think I got a cold from either my sister or a co-worker. Sore throat, stuffy nose, and now i'm getting cold. Not so goodd. Haven't really felt so hot since the food coma the other night but the food was yummy, so I guess it was worth it. Company was fun too. Always have fun with mb & mgb. Picked up mb's bud on the way too, we all ended going back to his house, thought we were going to do some radio work, but we were succumbed to the torture of the food coma, I so could have used something along the lines of the post-thanksgiving nap. Didn't happen though. Hung out with mb for a little bit last night. Talked a little d&d strategy, watched mash and talked about how rockin' it would be to make 150k a year. Yeah, pay off debts, waste a load of it, and then buy a house... good stuff. So happy for him too, just found out about his new job. He's all excited an stuff. It's close to home and more $$, so yay for him. Now I have to work on getting myself in somewhere else. Time to move on.

Anyhoo, saturday night, went out dancing with the girls. B-day girl got a little tipsy, bet she didn't feel like doing nuch on sunday. Convinced tb to come with us instead of taking her own car. It would have been silly since there were only 3 of us. Waste of gas and a toll, so she ws a little groggy for work, it's all good.

Eh, don't feel like writing anymore....need to go home.


Blogger Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

I guess you don't wanna mountain bike with me.

7:13 PM  

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