Monday, June 27, 2005

So the weekend came and went. Some of it went well, some not so well. It started on Friday at the e.r., yeah b/c that's always fun. Earlier in the week I found a cystic abcess on my leg which I thought I would be able to take care of myself. Things were going good until Friday when I saw a gaping hole in my leg...time for the e.r.. Sat there for an hour, did the triage thing, finally saw the doctor and he didn't even do anything. Stuck me with a needle to check my sugar and covered the hole back up, told me to see my doctor in a few days and wrote me an rx for antibiotics. Total waste of my time, what he did I could have done myself, with the exception of the rx. So, the pain starts and I go home and watch tv for a bit and go to bed. Go to work on Saturday and my boss tells me that they're looking for a little nore help during the week. The new girl that they hired isn't working out so well and they might need permanent help sometime soon. That's all fine and dandy, I know I'll be losing my f/t job soon (after this week most likely. Happy 4th to me!!!), and I'll be willing to help out where I can, but hello...doesn't the man realize that maybe since I went to college and graduated with a bachelor's that being a receptionist might be a little too mundane. It's ok for part time and all but I didn't go to school to push paper, enter insurance claims or listen to whining kids all day. I guess I'll just use it as $$ coming in while I look for something else. Leave work, was feeling pretty crappy and waling like a gimp. Skipped my sister's recital which I was a little upset about. I wanted to go but I just wasn't feelign up to sitting in a hs auditorium wooden chair for 5 hours with a hole still in my leg. I rested for a while and stared to feel better so I decided to go through with the plans that I had made with my chick-e girl a month proir. I had told her earllier that I was going to skip it but I felt well enough that I thought I could take going for a while, plus I brought my own car so if it started acting up I'd be able to leave. So, tb calls right before I'm about to leave, she sounded disappointed so I asked if she wanted to come, she said she'd come since she hadn't seen chick-e in a while. She'd been dead set on not going for so long that it didn't cross my mind to ask her beforehand if she'd want to come. Thought it would be a standard no, but to each his own, she changed her mind. Whatever. Got there, tried to "shake it" as best as I could b/c of the leg, met this guy and a few of his friends. They were pretty cool, kind of goofy and I was having a really good time with them. Things just got stupid with everyone at one point. It just ended up being wierd and oddly unsociable, but I wasn't about to spoil my own good time by appeasing others. There have been too many a time that I've done things I didn't want to, gone places I didn't want to go, stood wing man/3rd wheel and not complained about it for a second, much less get a 'tude about it. Put simply, I was finally selfish and self centered for once. Times when I'm selfish in the least way come few and far between, but I really didn't think it was too much to expect something I asked to be gone along with. I go along with shit all the time and never question it, a friend needs a little back up when talking to a guy and I'm there. Silly me, I expected a return favor. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me. Oh well, live and learn. Lesson of the weekend, look out for yourself more often than you probably think you should. Anyway, things with the guy went well, had a blast. He seems like a genuine person, has simple values, we like a lot of the same things. We spent some time together after going out and talked a lot, went to the beach and just sat around for a while. It was actually really nice. He's a little younger than what I'm used to though, but I'll deal with it and see how it pans out.

OK, so started D&D last night. It was fun, though a little strange and difficult to follow. I have to be more vocal in playing but I chose a character that is difficult to understand without reading up on it and' I wasn't sure of the things my character would be able to do. Since I don't have my book yet ( that makes it a little tough. But we had a good time. Mb loves the newbies(and cooking), and it was refreshing to do something out of the norm. It requires a lot of concentration, and basically just jumping out there....I'm sure with experience I'll eventually get it. It was good, and I got to buy cheese.....yay.


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